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‘It Was Carnage’: What Happened When Prince George Met His Cousin Mia

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They may be mini-royals, but Prince George and Mia Grace are no different to any other babies, as they proved when they first met

Zara Phillips’ husband Mike Tindall has revealed what happened when his baby daughter, Mia Grace, met her cousin Prince George. And it wasn’t pretty. In fact, the rugby player described the royal rendezvous as ‘carnage’.
Mike shared the deets with the Mirror, saying, ‘I don’t think Mia will remember that day. She was two months old, but it was great. It was carnage.’
It would seem that Mia, who’s now four months old, was a victim of George’s messy weaning stage. ‘George was eating at the time,’ explained Mike. ‘He’d got to that stage where more food goes on the table than in his mouth.’

Mike said Zara is ‘loving’ being a mum and admitted that his bond with his daughter is developing all the time 

But according to Mike, Mia wasn’t fazed. ‘Mia was just chilling and sleeping, she sleeps a lot, she’s quite relaxed,’ said Mike.
Mike and Zara welcomed their daughter at the start of the year and both seem to have taken well to parenting. Mike said Zara is ‘loving’ being a mum and admitted that his bond with his daughter is developing all the time.
‘Once you get to four months and they start smiling at you, when you get interaction your bonds grow more and more,’ said Mike. ‘Like this morning I was playing with her and she smiles if you do something funny and it makes you feel good about yourself.
‘What’s at the top of my decision making is what’s going to be right so I can spend time with Mia.’
The new dad admitted that it’s hard to find the time to compare dad notes with Prince William, saying, ‘He’s too busy, we don’t see him very often, he’s so busy but I’m sure when we have a proper catch-up we might do.’ We would love to be a fly on the wall at that man chat!
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