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A cuppa and a catch-up with... Jacqueline Jossa!

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Jacqueline Jossa is mum to Ella, 3 and is expecting her second child with TOWIE's Dan Osbourne in just 8 weeks time. 

The 25-year-old is also the reason we spent most of the Christmas period looking like the shocked emoji (THE EASTENDERS FALL, CAN WE DISCUSS THAT FALL!)

"The reactions were brilliant, honestly people were screaming their heads off!" Jacqueline laughs as we sit in her hotel room, "all of this made it worth filming at two in the morning, while I was pregnant falling off a building because seeing everyone’s response that’s exactly what we wanted. It was such a build-up, it was so good!"

We had a much-needed cuppa and a catch-up with the glowing star to discuss her second pregnancy, being a mum to Ella and what the future has in store for the ex-Eastenders actress...

How has this pregnancy been different from the first time?

I got away with it so lightly! I didn’t look pregnant until I was about 6 months, so I just winged it and just got away with everything. I didn’t look or feel anything. I didn’t feel sick. I think I threw up about twice during the whole pregnancy, but I mean, you could have put that down to actually being poorly! This time around, I have been quite bad with the morning sickness early on. It's calmed down now luckily! 

Have you had any weird pregnancy cravings?

Last time I loved like Capri Suns, I was obsessed!  But this time around? No not really, I mean I still like a Capri Sun, but I think I’ve put that in the atmosphere I think I’m like because I’m pregnant I’m going to have some Capri suns rather than craving it. So, no weird stuff.

You’re due very soon, have you chosen a baby name?

You know what, I only just realised that I only have 8 weeks to go and the guy I’m getting my baby furniture from was like, "you do know it takes 4 to 6 weeks for it to come, so you better order now!" and I was like "oh my god what am I doing?"

I’ve got a bit of drama with the baby name I’m not going to lie to you. I thought of a name and then I accidentally said it out loud and now people have opinions on it... Instead, if you name your child and then tell people, they can't say "er, what a shit name!"

What surprised you most about becoming a mum?

I don’t want to sound silly, but how easy it is. I was 22 when I had Ella, which is quite young and you don’t know if you're going to be ready or prepared or know what to do and then you just do and its easy and you love it. 

What kind of mum are you?

I definitely think I’m the stricter one of the two, but then again with Ella, luckily we don’t really need to be strict as she’s brilliant.

However, this one time, when I was in a shopping centre Ella and she had a tantrum and I didn't know what to do. Everyone was recognising me and whispering, "Lauren Branning from EastEnders' kid is going mental!" and I thought "how do I handle this?" I even got tweets about it.

A mum who wasn't in the public eye would tell their kid off, but it was hard with all the people watching. In the end, I just had to stick to my guns and tell her off. I think the way Ella is brought up is more important.

We've noticed you doing lots of arts and crafts on Instagram stories... 



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Do you know what, when you start all that stuff you can’t stop! This is what you have to learn if you want to be that mum, you can’t have an off day!  I’ll be like "come on Ella, no pens today. Come on honey, how many times can we draw around your hand today?" and she’ll be like "mummy paint!" I love playdough it’s so fun, so I can fully get involved with playdough. She’s trying to get into slime because her older cousins are and I’m like "no you’re only 3! We're not doing the slime thing yet."

What is your most extravagant 'mum purchase; to date?

I spoil Ella at birthdays and Christmas, though it’s always a waste of time. I always say, "next year I’m not going to do it because if they’re kids they’re happy with crayons and playdough they don’t need dolls house and everything else."

I'll tell you what I did buy! I bought myself a whole Chanel makeup box and said, "I’m not going to touch this until I’ve had the baby". I bought it in my hospital bag and put it all on afterward. I came out to the world, like Kate Middleton and my mum and dad were cracking up at me because they were saying I was just really acting absolutely, fine but they could just tell that obviously, I’d just had a baby! I think I was in shock still.

What are your plans now for the future?

I want to get straight back into acting, well not straight back in but I do want to keep the ball moving. I want to do a comedy show! I’m ready for something miles away from what I’ve done, otherwise, you’re just doing the same thing I’ve done that for 7 years. I’m ready for something different.

You’re joining the #ThankYouMidwife campaign, why is this particularly important to you?

I think it’s just really important that we do thank them because they definitely don’t get enough credit. I can say that from me personally, I didn’t give my midwife enough credit just because life takes over, especially with a new baby being born. It's actually it’s hard to say thank you and this campaign is making it easier for everybody.

What's your personal experience with a midwife?

Yeah, I was really lucky, I don’t really think you can even get bad midwife stories. My birthing midwife was perfect for me because I almost needed someone to control me because I was going a bit cray cray and she was amazing.

When it’s your partner you’re like "SHUT UP, you did this to me!" and when it’s your mum... to be fair my mum was really amazing as well and I thought she would be really overpowering, but she let the midwife do her thing.My midwife looked me in the eyes and was like "we’re going to get this baby out within 15 minutes if you listen to everything that I say" and I’m thinking, "15 minutes, are you joking? I’m going to see my baby in 15 minutes?" Like this is amazing, I’ve waited 10 months and as soon as she said that I listened to absolutely everything.

I didn’t tear because I listened to everything that she said and that’s now that’s when anyone asks me what’s my piece of advice I always say. "listen to the midwife!" I fully put everything into trusting her. She was brilliant and she put up with my drama the whole time as well. They do it for not the best money in the world, these people are saving lives, bringing babies into the world and most of the time, not getting even a thank you.

Pampers are trying to find a way to make it easy for everybody and it’s just a hashtag. For each hashtag, a pound goes to The Royal College of Midwives charity, which is amazing. 

The midwives are the centre of your stories but they don’t hear it and they don’t get recognition or the 'thank you's. That's why this hashtag is really important!

Thanks, Jacqueline! 


Pampers have launched the incredible #ThankYouMidwife campaign this International Day of the Midwife (5th May).  For every thank you message shared on social media with the hashtag 'ThankYouMidwife', Pampers will donate £1 to the Royal College of Midwives Benevolent Fund charity, which will be used to help midwives in need. 

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