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Jacqueline Jossa says friends 'don't care' about her second pregnancy

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Jacqueline Jossa has confessed that her friends aren’t bothered about her pregnancy this time around as  “it's all been done before”.

The former EastEnders actress is mum to daughter Ella, three, and stepmum to her ex-Towie husband Dan Osborne's son Teddy, four. She is currently 26 weeks pregnant.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Jacqueline revealed that things are very different this time around.

"I'm kind of forgetting I'm even pregnant. When it happens the second time it's a bit like 'been there, done that'," she said.

"I haven't had a midwife's appointment for weeks now, it's a bit crazy. I just want to make sure everything's OK."

jacqueline jossa and dan osborne
"With Ella, she was moving all the time and kicking. But this new baby is very calm, hopefully. It's just blowing my mind how everything's so different. Even your friends and stuff, when you've done it once it's kind of done now."

She went on to say that it can even slip her mind that she’s expecting.

"I just forget it's even happening and I don't know if that's my way of dealing with it. But you are chasing after a toddler too,” she said.

Jac also had something heart-melting to pass on about having more than one child.


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"Someone once told me you don't halve your love and separate it to your kids, you double it," she said.

"You always have love to go around. I like that idea and I'm going with it."

Somebody pass us a tissue, please. 


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