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Jason Biggs: ‘My Son Changed Me Overnight’

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He only became a father a few weeks ago, but American Pie star Jason Biggs says parenthood has changed him – and his wife – completely

Jason, 35, welcomed his first son, Sid, with his wife actress and author Jenny Mollen last month. And just like most first time parents find, the new dad has found the experience life changing for both him and Jenny.

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‘What I’m learning – and what’s interesting – is that my wife has changed completely, and I’m sure that I have too,’ Jason told PEOPLE magazine. ‘She sees it in me, and I see it in her, and we’re strong now because of it.

‘The change that happens is so tangible. It happens overnight, and it’s the craziest thing,’ he adds.

However, fatherhood hasn’t altered every part of Jason’s life. 

‘What I’ve learned from fatherhood is that having a son cannot, did not, change my love for The Bachelor says Jason. “I thought that having a son would make me grow up when it came to my TV viewing habits, but I love The Bachelor even more after having a child.’ We give it a couple of years before Jake And The Neverland Parents takes over.

The actor and his wife have so far been pretty open about another of their parenting experiences, publically revealing that they decided to store their son’s stem cells in case they’re needed later in life.

‘We may joke a lot in life, but all kidding aside, when we learned the facts about how stem cells from cord blood and cord tissue can be used to possibly save lives, hell yeah we stored,’ explained Jason.

The couple have also tweeted and Instagramed photos and videos of the birth, including a snap of Jenny using her breast pumps.

Instagram @biggsjason

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