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Jennifer Garner Thinks She Has The Secret To Being A Better Mother

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Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner thinks that philanthropy and charity work has helped her empathise and become a better mother.

There are many things that help to make us better mothers. Parenting books, tips from our friends, listening to our children… But charity work is something we’ve not heard before.

For American actress and mother of three Jennifer Garner, though, it’s what’s helped her to understand what being a mum means, through her charity work with the children’s rights organisation Save the Children.

‘It’s given me so much empathy for other moms, and more patience with myself,’ she told People magazine. ‘And with my kids, it’s chilled me out, just knowing eye-to-eye connection matters. It’s so much more simple than we all make it.’

Garner, 41, started working with Save the Children six years ago and she says that it’s been the best possible insight into being a good mum:

‘I’ve seen first hand how a little bit of encouragement from someone telling a mom “You can do this” can change a kid’s life. Watching the light go on between a mom and her child is a total thrill.’

Have you ever got involved in charity work and found that it made you a better mother? Or have you ever done anything else that you think tops philanthropy? Let us know your thoughts and tips in the comments box.

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