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Jessica Alba Teaches Her Girls About Body Image

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As a high-profile Hollywood actress, Jessica Alba, 33, knows better than most about the intense body image obsession that comes with being in the public eye – and wants to make sure her daughters are happy in their own skin.

The mum-of-two to Honor, six, and Haven, two, is careful to teach them that a healthy attitude is important and watches what she says around them at home.
'I try not to be critical of myself and watch what I say around them, knowing that they're little sponges,' she told MailOnline.
‘I'm not talking about not fitting into this or that, or worrying about why this zipper won't go up today,' she said.

'I emphasise that more than anything else,' she said. 'Beauty is so subjective - and it doesn't matter!’
Like many mums she comes up against hurdles thanks to popular culture.
'It's hard because they're obsessed with Disney. For Haven, it's her favourite book and she talks about Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty's Aurora. It's hard to try and explain - you don't want them to have prejudices about beauty that society sometimes can put on them.'
Jessica Alba is set to appear in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For later this year and is also co-founder of The Honest Company, which provides healthy, toxin-free and organic products.

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