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Kate Winslet Names Her Baby… And It’s The Most Unusual Name We’ve Heard

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Since Kate Winslet gave birth to her son a few weeks ago, we’ve been dying to know what the Titanic actress would name him. And the wait’s over…

We weren’t sure what name would go with Kate Winslet’s husband’s surname – Rocknroll, but the actress and her hubby Ned decided to go with a name just as unusual… Bear.

Yep, as in Teddy Bear.

We reckon that name definitely wins most crazy celeb baby name of 2013 and the most unusual name in Kate’s family. But it isn’t totally unexpected seeing as Ned changed his named from Abel Smith to his current one.

The star’s other two children are (blessed?) with mainstream names – Mia, 13, and Joe, 10.

Bear was born in early December, weighing 9lb, at a hospital in Sussex. Kate, 38, and Ned, 35, are thought to be currently nursing their newborn at their home nearby.

How did you choose your baby’s name? Let us know below.


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