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Katie Hopkins Strikes Again – This Time Attacking X Factor Winner Sam Bailey

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We hope X Factor winner Sam Bailey’s recent victory hasn’t been diminished by becoming the latest victim of Katie Hopkins, as the entrepreneur brands her a ‘fat mum in a jumpsuit’

She’s made a name for herself with her continuous controversial opinions and now Katie Hopkins is at it again, targeting X Factor 2013 winner Sam Bailey.

The Apprentice ‘star’ – who recently grabbed our attention with her heated debate on attachment parenting with Peaches Geldof – has just branded Sam as a ‘fat mum in a jumpsuit’. Ouch.

Reviewing the popular talent show’s finale in her weekly magazine column, Katie said, ‘The X Factor 2013 has ended in a painful showdown between a fat mum in a jumpsuit and a small boy in whatever his mum laid out for him on his bed.’

But not content with leaving it at that, Katie then proceeded to attack Sam’s love of her children. Not nice, Katie.

‘They even tried playing cute clips of Sam's children,’ Katie wrote. ‘They were sure that would make the woman break. Turns out she has the heart of a prison warden.’

Katie even tweeted similar shocking comments throughout the show’s finale, saying, ‘Sam Bailey has brought her young son Nicolas to look around his new school. She has come inappropriately in mild bondage. #XFactorFinal’

If it offended you that much, Katie, you could have changed channel, non?

Sam has responded to Katie's comments, telling heat, ‘I wouldn’t even waste my breath retaliating because it’s not in my nature to do that. If she wants to go around slating people then that’s her prerogative. If that’s how she wants to make a name for herself then that’s fine, I’m trying to make a name for myself in the singing career and I think I’m doing quite good at it, so the jokes on her I suppose.’

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