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Kim Kardashian Leaves Baby North For First Time

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Kim Kardashian left three-month-old baby North back in LA while she flew first to Paris with Kanye to attend the Givenchy fashion show, before making a quick stop in London.

Every mum remembers the first time they have to leave their baby. You’re faced with a mixture of excitement at going out and doing adult stuff (yay, no nappies!), terror (will my baby be safe?) and sadness at not seeing that little face for a few hours.

And it seems Kim Kardashian is no different. The reality TV actress has admitted to friends that she was sad to say goodbye to North before she left for her trip to France, especially as it’s the first time she’s ever left her.

The reality TV actress has admitted to friends that she was sad to say goodbye to North

The couple had allegedly planned to bring North – or Nori – with them on their trip, and had organised a passport for her, but perhaps the tot isn’t quite ready for their jet-set lifestyle.

Until then, Kim has had to satisfy herself with a picture of baby North on her iPhone, which she uses as a screensaver image. The blurry shot, which was picked up when Kim was papped having lunch in Paris, is only the second picture we’ve seen of the baby. The first was the picture that Kanye showed when he appeared on Kris Jenner’s talk show back in August.

Kim and Kanye will be returning home from Paris with plenty of gifts for North. The reality star has been gifted with luxourious baby clothing from brands including Lanvin, Alexander Wang and Celine. At just three months old, North's wardrobe is better than ours ever will be...

Instagram @kimkardashian | North West's Baby Clothes From Lanvin

How did you cope the first time you left your baby at home? Let us know!


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