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Kimberly Wyatt says: ‘I see so much of myself in my little girl, it’s scary!’

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Kimberly Wyatt says: ‘I see so much of myself in my little girl, it’s scary!’

She toured the world with the Pussycat Dolls, wowed as a judge on Got to Dance and last year won Celebrity Masterchef, but Kimberly Wyatt, 34, says her best job by far is being mum to daughter Willow, with her supermodel husband Max. Here, Kimberly talks about the welcome changes and challenges motherhood has brought into her life

Willow is 14 months old now and she’s grown into a bold, determined little girl who’s very cuddly and loving. She’s at a lovely age and you can really see her little personality starting to perform. It scares me how much I see myself in her.

She’s fearless in some ways and very shy in others, and that’s just like me

She’s fearless in some ways and very shy in others, and that’s just like me. She can be determined about things she wants to accomplish, such as walking across the playground, climbing onto the swings or playing with a particular toy, but then when I take her to classes with a lot of other kids, as much as she wants to get involved she’s quite shy around people. I can see her working up the courage to go play with others. I see the same shyness that I’ve always had. I’ve accomplished great things in my life but the real me is quite a shy individual.

We threw a party for her first birthday in December, and surrounded her with family and friends. The food was apple-themed because her first word was ‘apple’ and it’s her favourite food, so we had apple cake and decorated the house with fruit. Happy times with loved ones.

We won’t be spoiling Willow. I think because I wasn’t a spoiled child and always had to work hard for everything I’ve got, it’s never in my mind to spoil Willow. It’s much more important to shower her with love and teach her about sharing and working with others. I do everything I can to prepare her for the future.

I hope we’ll be lucky enough to have another little one at some point

The perspective motherhood gives you is unreal! You can work as much as you want on yourself but then this baby comes along and develops into a person right in front of you and it’s a real shift in perspective and consciousness. As for the future, I hope we’ll be lucky enough to have another little one at some point.

Being a mother has changed me into a different person. My values are different, the things I think about and prioritise are different: it’s shifted my whole world upside down and I just love it. I was ready for it and I love every day. Though the tantrums are sometimes difficult, I have such a lovely little girl and a family, a bond and a foundation: it’s everything you dream of in life.

Intuition is the biggest asset we have as women and as mums. Take ‘mummy guilt’ for example. I’m quite intuitive when the balance doesn’t seem to be right. I can tell when I’m working too much and I take steps to keep that balance as steady as possible. For me, that’s where my happiness is. My goal is to raise my daughter in a happy household, so I work every day at being happy and getting the balance right is so important if I’m going to achieve that.

Kimberly Wyatt

Instinct is everything, through pregnancy and when you become a mother. There’s such a fascinating science to it: how do you measure it, understand it, share it? You have to feel it and go with it. Every time I’ve followed my instinct, things have turned out great. Moving to the UK, marrying a British man, having a baby and leading an awesome life. So my intuition must be pretty right!

Every woman and every parent is unique

People like to give mothers advice. As a person in the public eye, you get waves of opinions from people both in real life and online and while I respect that I think that we have to accept that everyone’s different. Every woman and every parent is unique and you have to allow for that because that’s what creates a wonderful home for your child. Do it your way. Take time to learn who you are as a person and as a parent: that’s the best thing you can do for your child.

Willow’s already starting to love gymnastics, just like her mum! It trips me out because she’s like a little monkey! My husband does calisthenics (a workout system that uses apparatus) - I’m trying it too - and often Willow will see him doing amazing things and she’ll say ‘up, up!’ because she likes him to lift her up so she can just hang from the pull-up bars! She’s always been acrobatic and athletic.

We like to dance together. Often at home I’ll put on some music and we’ll have a little dance. Just this weekend my husband was away on a photoshoot in Africa and Willow was grumpy because she’s teething, I was cleaning up a mess every two seconds and so I turned the music up and did a little dance, just foot to foot, and she started copying it! She has skills for sure.

I’m on a spring-cleaning spree at the moment, getting into every cupboard, all the nooks and crannies. So I’m trying to make it fun and therapeutic. Cleaning out my closets usually means I end up trying on an old outfit just because I haven’t seen it for ages. I’ll play music and clean, clean, clean. It’s liberating and good for my mental state.

I visited Ghana last year on behalf of Comic Relief to see how funds were being spent on children’s projects. It was such a moving experience and a real eye-opener. I went into classrooms to see how kids were being taught through play and it was brilliant. I was inspired to bring some of those ideas home so I can teach Willow through play too.

Winning Celebrity Masterchef was beyond my wildest dreams because it made me feel accepted here in my adopted country. Being a good cook, for me, is all tied up with being a new mum and the best wife I can be, so it was great timing. Food and the kitchen are the heart of the home. I’ve had a fun career and toured the world but that was the moment I thought that this new chapter of my life was really going to work out ok.

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