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Lily Allen Says She Won't Judge Her Kids If They Take Drugs: 'I Can't Really Do Anything Except Be There For Them'

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Would you ever tell your kids the not so clever things your younger self got up to? And how would you stop them doing it? This is what Lily Allen’s got to say…

It’s no secret that pre-motherhood, singer Lily Allen lived life to the max and previously admitted that she found taking drugs ‘fun’. And the mum of two has made a controversial statement – she won’t judge her children if they follow in her footsteps and try drugs themselves.

‘I will advise them of the downfalls and the risks. But I don’t like judging people'

Shortly after finishing her set at Glastonbury this weekend, Lily told the Daily Mail why she’s happy for her two girls, Ethel Mary, two, and Marnie, one, to pave their own way.

‘I can’t really do anything except be there for them,’ says Lily, 29. ‘Quite rightly they would say, “You were a hypocrite, you went and experimented and you said it was a right laugh. What do you mean I can’t?”

‘I will advise them of the downfalls and the risks. But I don’t like judging people.’

The singer proved that motherhood hasn’t affected her career as she took to the Pyramid stage at Glasto on Friday evening, complete with dog mask wearing backup dancers and giant baby bottles. Included in Lily’s set list was her controversial hit Hard Out Hereinspired by her birth experience and motherhood.

Do you agree with Lily? Do you think parents should let their children make their own mistakes? Let us know in the comments box below.

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