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Michelle Heaton’s Baby Boy In The Clear After Viral Meningitis Shock

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Singer and ex-Liberty X band member, Michelle Heaton and husband Hugh Hanley, have expressed their relief on Twitter that baby boy Aaron Jay is now in the clear, after being admitted to hospital with viral meningitis.

Their six-week old son was rushed into Watford General Hospital earlier in the month after testing positive for viral meningitis and underwent nine days of antibiotic treatment. But, the good news is that his latest set of blood tests have come back clear and little ‘AJ’ is well on the road to recovery.

Celebrating the good news Michelle posted an adorable snap of her ‘two healthy babies’ cuddling and smiling for the camera, with the hashtag #proudmummy.

In a series of tweets Michelle wrote,

‘It's been nine days now since our little man was admitted into hospital with viral meningitis (with the chance of bacterial meningitis).... even though he was discharged home middle of last week, he still attended hospital every day for antibiotics and regular blood tests.
‘Today we received the news we've been waiting for - all recent blood tests are clear and the antibiotics can stop.’

‘Thank you for all your well wishes during this worrying time! He's fought his way out of this and we are so thankful to everyone at Watford General Hospital, especially the Starfish Ward and the Safari Ward where he was treated!’

Michelle added that he will still have to undergo follow up tests to see if there will be any lasting repercussions on his health, but the whole family are hoping he will be just fine. We hope so too!

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