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Most Admired New A-List Mum Revealed

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We all have our favourite famous mum – somehow who manages to be an incredible parent (judging from all the paparazzi snaps, obvs) while looking flawless. And Kate Middleton ticks all the boxes

A new poll has shown that the UK’s favourite top mum isn’t just British – she’s royal, too. You got it – Kate Middleton has been voted the most admired new mum.

Mum to two-and-a-half month old Prince George, K Mid went through possibly the most public pregnancy – and indeed post-birth experience (you wouldn’t catch us posing for pics 24 hours after giving birth) – possible, but sailed through it all with not one slip up.

And it would seem that mums in the UK agreed, by placing the Duchess at the top of the list with a whopping 27% voting her as the new mum they admire most.  

Penelope Cruz, whose daughter Luna shares Prince George’s birthday, scored the second highest vote.

And in third place came The Wrestler actress Evan Rachel Wood, who despite giving birth to her son at the end of July hasn’t yet revealed her baby’s name – pretty good going for a celebrity mum!

The poll also tallied up the pressures that new mums face and unsurprisingly lack of sleep won the top spot, with 72 per cent of those polled voting as the top pressure. The survey revealed that the average new mum gets only four hours of broken sleep a night while a good night’s kip adds up to just five and a half hours. Forget those Saturday morning lie-ins then.

Coleen Rooney, who gave birth to her second son Klay in May, shared some tips for other new mums with HELLO! magazine, saying, ‘My top tip for new mums is to not worry about your appearance, certainly not during the early stages.’

‘The pressure on mums is too high and we all just need to relax and enjoy these precious moments without fretting about fitting in to our jeans,’ Coleen says.

We couldn’t agree more! It’s best just to soak up those first few months with your newborn and try to enjoy every new sound, movement and development your little one makes. And don’t forget to have your iPhone fully charged all the time, to capture every moment on camera.

Which A-list mum do you love? Let us know below.


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