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‘My Wide Hips Are For Squeezing Babies Out Of’: Lily Allen Talks Motherhood And The Inspiration Behind Her Latest Song

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Lily Allen admits she’s ‘mouthy’, but has stayed uncharacteristically quiet about her two daughters – until now…

She may be a global star. She may be scrutinised by the world. But Lily Allen no longer wants to slim down her post-baby figure to conform to the expectations of the pop industry – something which her latest single Hard Out Here fights back at.

A candid interview in The Observer magazine shows just how motherhood has changed the mum of two. After having her first daughter, Ethel Mary, two, the singer was seriously considering surgery to rid herself of her baby fat – because of the huge amount of bad press she received about her weight.

‘I know what the female body is capable of I have a lot more respect for it'

The singer was set to undergo laser liposuction to her thighs, bottom, ankles, belly, knees and her back. And she would probably have gone through with it if four days before her surgery she hadn’t found out that she was pregnant again – with her second daughter with hubby Sam Cooper, Marnie Rose, 10 months. 

Shockingly, Lily says that the Daily Mail phoned her minutes after she gave birth to Marnie and knew the baby’s sex and weight – even before she’d had a chance to let her mum know. ‘The placenta was still IN me,’ she says.

Now Lily has a whole different view on her post-baby shape.

‘I know what the female body is capable of I have a lot more respect for it,’ the singer says. ‘My wide hips are for squeezing babies out of.’

Speaking out the bad press she’s been on the receiving end of, Lily’s been labelled a ‘bad mother’ and says, ‘I read it. I read it all, and they're 90 per cent horrible. Is that because everybody hates me? Or is it just an easy way for them to make themselves feel good, by saying something bad about someone else?’

But understandably it was worse when the singer suffered a miscarriage. ‘Sometimes it can be really hurtful. Like when I lost my baby,’ Lily says.

This combined amount of nasty press is the reason behind Lily’s latest single. No, not the John Lewis advert soundtrack, but her hard-hitting comment on the music industry, Hard Out Here. Watch the full video here.

Did you feel pressured to lose your baby weight? Let us know below.


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