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Orlando Bloom Wants Son To Be Raised And Educated in Britain

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The 37-year-old actor from Canterbury is ready to sacrifice his travelling Hollywood lifestyle for the sake of raising his three-year-old son in England.

For years, the Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom regularly travelled between London, LA, New Zealand and the Caribbean for shooting blockbuster films and epic adventures. But the 37-year-old actor has said this weekend that he is ready to ditch the peripatetic lifestyle of Hollywood’s A list for the sake of his three-year-old son, Flynn, who he wants to be raised and educated in Britain.

Speaking to The Times, Bloom said: ‘I’ve lived a very nomadic life, which I enjoy. But now that I have my son it gets a lot more serious – I want to be in his life and have as much input and influence on his life as I can… Before five or six there’s something to be said for the outdoor living of California. I’m not sure how I’d feel about California after maybe about seven – I don’t know. I’d like him to have some experience of living at home, in England.’

'I’d like him to have some experience of living at home, in England.’

Despite the breakup, Bloom’s split with his model wife of three years Miranda Kerr has been amicable and he plans to co-parent quite happily with her:

‘I’m grateful that I’ve got a great, amicable separation from my ex,’ he says in the same interview. ‘We had tried and we’d done our best, and there is a lot of love there. maybe it was time to say let’s give this some breathing space.’

A British education has long held a cachet among LA’s glossy Anglophiles. When Gwyneth Paltrow, who last week split from her English husband, Chris Martin, relocated to Los Angeles last year, she highlighted that the move wouldn’t be permanent as she didn’t want her children to become teenagers there. Similarly, the Beckhams have recently bought a £40 million house in Kensington in London as they want their four children to be partly raised in England.

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