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Peter Andre Admits He’s Hardly Gone Out Since His Baby Arrived

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The singer and reality star says he's been leading a quieter life with fiancée Emily MacDonagh since their daughter was born

You know how it is as new parents. Getting out for a proper evening without your baby can be tricky – panicked phone calls to the babysitter, leaky boobs, realising you’re actually too tired to eat your starter…

New parents Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh are the same, with Peter admitting they rarely go out now they have baby daughter Amelia to look after. Speaking to Now Magazine, Peter said,

‘We've only gone out once without the baby and that was literally for two hours.

‘I think it's important to have your own time but it just depends on your situation. If your partner is breastfeeding it's not easy to go anywhere for more than a couple of hours.’

The couple – who welcomed little Amelia on 7 January – prefer to have at least one of them with their newborn at all times so spend most of their time at home.

But Peter and Emily are definitely enjoying being parents to a young baby, even if it has put a dampener on their social life, as they’ve been able to get her settled into a routine.

‘I joked on Twitter that my coffee machine is getting me through the sleepless nights with Amelia. She's actually getting a lot better and some nights she sleeps for up to six hours,’ says Peter.

‘I think that's because we haven't been going out a lot and we're focusing on our routine.’

How soon did you wait before going for your first night out without your baby? Let us know below.


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