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Peter Andre And Emily MacDonagh Announce Their Engagement

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The couple, whose baby girl was born in January, have revealed details of Peter’s surprise proposal

Singer Peter Andre, 40, is engaged to his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh.

Emily, 24, gave birth to the pair’s daughter two weeks ago, and shows off her Great Gatsby-inspired sparkler in the new issue of OK! magazine, where the couple also introduce their new baby girl.

‘It was on New Year’s Eve,’ says Peter. ‘I wanted to do it after a year of being with her. I almost proposed before she was pregnant but then everyone found out. Then I didn’t want our baby to be born without her knowing that I loved her and wanted to marry her.’

'I almost proposed before she was pregnant but then everyone found out'

The Mysterious Girl singer explains he couldn’t decide how to pop the question when Emily would least expect it – until he walked into their daughter’s nursery one morning.

‘I placed the ring in the nursery so the sun was shining down on it. Emily came in looking all natural and so beautiful with her hair in a towel, exactly how I love her,’ he explains. ‘I got down on one knee – then I got down on both because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing – and I said “Marry me!”’

Pete and Emily also share details of her five-hour labour and how they only just made it to hospital in time, with Emily joking it’s the only time she’s ever seen her partner refuse a picture with a fan who approached him in the car park.

‘ I was so overwhelmed and tired, I just cried. My mum was crying, I was crying, Pete was crying. Then I slept for half an hour before the first feed,’ she says.

The couple are yet to pick a name for their daughter, so she’s known as No Name or Bista’s Sister for now – Bista is Pete’s nickname for his daughter Princess.

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