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Pope Francis Gives The Queen An (Interesting) Gift For Prince George

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What do you get the baby who has everything? Well if you’re the Pope, it’s a blue stone orb, which probably isn’t Kate’s first choice for a teething toy…

During an official meeting with the Pope, the Queen was given an orb made of Lapis Lazuli (a type of blue stone) topped with a silver cross, to give to her eight-month-old grandson, Prince George.

The orb is engraved with the inscription "Pope Francis, to His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge". It weighs several pounds and the cross has four sharp metal points on it, so it’s probably something that the royal Prince will have to appreciate when he’s a little older.

In fact, when Pope Francis handed over the gift, the Queen said,

‘He will be thrilled with that,’ before adding after a slight pause: ‘when he's a little older!’

Of course, it’s not the first present that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have received since Prince George was born, with some being more awkward than others.

Count Tibor Kalnoky from Transylvania, who is a friend of Prince Charles, has reportedly given George a field of wild flowers.

A Kenyan tribe offered a herd of cows, while the government of Australia’s Northern Territories presented him with a baby crocodile – named George, naturally – hatched from an egg that was laid on the day the Duchess announced she was expecting.

Have you had any slightly oddball gifts given to your baby? Let us know below.


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