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Frankie Bridge talks about crippling morning sickness

Star of The Saturdays has been suffering with her second pregnancy but finally is able to enjoy it

Frankie Bridge, who is expecting her second child with husband Wayne, has spoken to OK! Magazine about suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum

In an exclusive interview with the magazine, Frankie tells how the disorder left her unable to move from the floor. She said: “It kicked in when I was about seven weeks and that first bout of sickness was the worst. It's probably the worst I've ever felt.

“Even to move my eyes made me feel sick. I somehow ended up lying on the floor with a bowl and I just couldn't move. They wanted me to go to hospital at one point and I refused because there was no way I could get in a car, I couldn't even get off the floor.”

The disorder has become more widely known since the Duchess of Cambridge suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum in her first pregnancy with Prince George, and again in her current second pregnancy

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