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Future Royal Baby Alert! Is This What Prince Harry And Cressida Bonas’ Child Will Look Like?

Blond, ruddy-cheeked and with the biggest blue eyes we’ve seen since Frank Sinatra – is this what the next Royal baby will look like?

According to graphic design artist Paul Dobson, this little tot could be another one in line for the throne if Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas ever decide to have children.

With a potential engagement on the cards, it might not be too long before baby Prince George has a little playmate to boss around and tease the Queen’s corgis with. The cousins might even be able to share a nanny if Harry gets a move on…

Mr Dobson was commissioned by to come up with a computer-generated image of Harrissida’s (we’re coining this celebrity portmanteau right now) future baby.

Royal baby?

This cheeky chappy certainly has his father’s strawberry-blond locks, fair eyebrows and complexion – although it looks like he hasn’t inherited those famous Royal ears.

The artist said, ‘The couple have been dating reportedly since May 2012 when they were set up by Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie.

‘According to a number of sources the couple are set to be married this year as it seems Cressida has tamed Prince Harry. Now that it appears Prince Harry no longer wishes to be seen as the playboy prince, could 2014 be the year we see another Royal wedding?’

How exciting! What do you think, M&B-ers – will you be buying a hat just in case?


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