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Girls Aloud Singer Kimberley Walsh Plans To Use Her ‘Singing Power’ To Give Birth.

It’s the sound of… Kimberley Walsh, as the mum-to-be prepares for a musical labour.

Whether you’re a gas and air kind of girl or more suited to an epidural, singing your baby out may well be the newest labour-day trend.  Well, Kimberley Walsh reckons so anyway. 

The 32-year-old singer who’s due to give birth to her first baby this summer says, ‘My teacher mentioned that breathing techniques she'd learnt from singing really helped in childbirth – using her singing power to push the baby out.

‘Can you imagine if I had a Julie Andrews moment and burst into The Sound of Music in the labour ward?’

The Girls Aloud singer has continued having singing lessons throughout her pregnancy.  ‘It's important that I can still sing with this bump as there's not as much space for my diaphragm, but my teacher, Mary, told me I'm fine,’ she said.

Kimberley – who has been with long-term partner Justin Scott for 10 years, insists that she won’t be encouraging her new arrival to follow in her famous footsteps.

‘I wouldn't particularly encourage it because it's a really tough business to be in. But at the same time, I'd never deny them their passion because nobody denied me mine,’ she says.

‘I think you know straight away what kind of child they are and will push them in the direction that's going to be best for them.’

Did you sing or listen to music to get through your labour? Let us know in the comment box below. 


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