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VIDEO! Imogen Thomas: ‘I’m So Broody – I’d Love Another Baby’

Model and reality star Imogen Thomas admits she’d love to try for baby number two at the Mother&Baby Big Heart Awards

Imogen Thomas is keen to add to her family with another baby – a little brother or sister for one-year-old daughter Ariana – although her boyfriend, Adam Horsley, still needs some convincing.

Speaking at The Mother&Baby Big Heart Awards in association with Megabloks at The Dorchester on Monday, Imogen said,

‘I’m so, so broody at the moment, it’s crazy. My boyfriend’s telling me to calm down, but I would love to have baby number two.

‘We celebrated Ariana’s first birthday a month ago and went to the zoo to meet and greet the animals and went for lunch, which was lovely. We decided to save the big birthday party until Ariana is a bit older as she won’t remember it now.’

Imogen spent time chatting to the awards winners, posing for photos and even giving Against All Odds baby Noah a hug.

She admits that social media is a real saviour for her life as a mum as she gets lots of advice and tips from her followers.

‘I recently tweeted about how my usual brand of nappies had been redesigned and I got so many mums replying back to me with their own experiences, advice and suggestions,’ says Imogen. ‘I’m sure people are bored of my mummy updates, but I find it so helpful when people relate to your posts and provide their feedback.’

During the awards, Imogen tweeted about how touched she was by all the stories and was seen crying as the winners’ stories were read out.

Watch the full video interview at the Big Heart Awards below.



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