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Jessica Ennis-Hill: ‘It’s Nice To Have A Baby In There, But I Miss My Abs’

Olympic gold-medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill shares her thoughts on swapping Commonwealth Games heptathlon training for pregnancy and baby prep

Go back to the summer of 2012, when the UK was in full Olympics mania, and images of Jessica Ennis-Hill’s perfectly toned stomach were displayed all round London and the UK. But these days, the heptathlete’s abs have taken on a more rounded shape – she’s seven months pregnant and due this July.

Talking to the Daily Express, Jessica revealed that it’s been a big change for her, but she’s really enjoyed pregnancy.

‘I’m still getting used to it but it’s so nice to have a baby in there,’ she said. ‘Still, I am hoping my abs are in there somewhere and that they will come back.

‘I’ve been lucky throughout my pregnancy in that mostly I’ve felt really good. I have some days when I feel a bit tired and I will just relax, eat some chocolate and take the dog out.’

Jessica is missing out on the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer. However, she’d like to defend her heptathlon title at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and plans to return to competitive level as a mum.

‘I've spoken to Shelley Rudman ,’ said Jessica. ‘She's given me advice on the things she was doing when she was pregnant. She came back to become world champion.

‘It's reassuring to know people can do it and have shown it's possible. But it's a huge challenge, it takes time and a lot of effort and sacrifice.’

But for her, the possibility of her child being able to watch her compete in the Rio Olympics is spurring her on.

"It's reassuring to know people can do it and have shown it's possible"

‘I saw an interview with David Beckham talking about how he had his kids quite young and them being part of his whole journey, watching him compete,’ she says. ‘I think that is really special. It would be special having them there and seeing their mum win.’

Did having a baby encourage you to come back and achieve your goals? Let us know in the comment box below.

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