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Katie Piper’s pregnancy: ‘The third trimester is sending me crazy!’

Katie Piper is fast approaching her due date and the mum-to-be is glowing. But the third trimester appears to be taking its toll on the model and campaigner

Mum-to-be Katie Piper has been tweeting about the progress of her pregnancy, revealing that she’s now in her third trimester and ‘constantly hungry’. The campaigner, who’s expecting a girl, tweeted that the third trimester is sending her ‘crazy’.

And according to Katie, her baby is getting very strong – something which the model attributes to all the spinach she’s been eating.

Katie’s tweets were posted just hours before the pregnant star appeared at the BBC Breakfast studios to talk about her upcoming series Bodyshockers. She tweeted a photo of herself on the iconic studio sofa in a Tiffany Rose midnight blue maternity dress – showing just how much pregnancy suits the mum-to-be.

Katie has previously spoken out about her joy at becoming a mum, telling Hello! magazine, ‘This is the start of a whole new life. The other night I was at a charity ball and everyone I met wanted to talk to me about the baby, not about my burns and recovery. I thought, “Hallelujah”.

‘This baby doesn't know it but she is changing my life in so many ways and it's wonderful,’ says Katie.

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