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Kimberley Walsh: ‘I’m Not Sure How Much Bigger I Can Get!’

Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh is feeling the impact of being seven months pregnant , something we can all relate to…

The singer, 32, joked that she is finding it hard to dress her growing bump on This Morning, saying that she might have to make the switch to Empire-line dresses.
‘I think they're going to become a staple now the bump's getting bigger – although I'm not sure how much bigger it can get. If It carries on at this rate I'm definitely going to get to the stage where I can't stand up.’

If anyone understands, it's This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby who is pregnant for the third time. 'Holly and I literally did a belly bump when we hugged hello,' Kimberley joked.
Kimberley was joined on the sofa by singer-songwriter Alistair Griffin, following their performance of their duet The Road at the Tour de France opening ceremony in Leeds.
How did you dress your baby bump in the last trimester? Let us know below!

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