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Molly Sims talks about pregnancy number 2

Supermodel Molly tells all about her pregnancy weight gain, cravings, and fitness regime

In a new interview with The Bump, supermodel and mum of one Molly Sims talks about the differences between this pregnancy and her first. 

In her first pregnancy she gained 80lb, whereas this time around she has put on half the weight, and isn’t suffering as much from melasma or acne as last time. 

Molly is mum to Brooks, who was born in June 2012, and has confirmed she is expecting a girl. 

When asked about keeping fit during her second pregnancy, Molly said: “I did a lot less cardio and a lot more Pilates. Some days you have energy, and some days you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. It’s so important to really listen to what your body is telling you and go with it.”

Any cravings during her pregnancy? Citrus, she says: “With my first pregnancy it was apples, but this time around I’ve had so many mandarin oranges and grapefruits to the point where I got gastritis.”

About to become a mother of two, Molly admitted she is worried about her son once her new baby arrives, saying: “I’m so excited for our daughter to arrive, but at the same time I’m going to miss that alone time with him. It’s something I really cherished these past two and a half years.”

Molly recently shared photos of a luxurious baby shower on her blog, and revealed that showers for second-time mothers are now called ‘sprinkles’. 


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