Mother and Baby

Pregnant Frankie Bridge wears beautiful Bola necklace

Frankie Bridge wearing her Bola pendant

The Saturdays star has been spotted wearing a Mexican chiming Bola pendant

Frankie Bridge, mum to Parker, is expecting her second baby with husband Wayne, and has been spotted wearing a lovely Bola pendant. 

These beautiful necklaces from Blooming Lovely Jewellery all feature a chime, traditionally worn by pregnant women to create a bond with their unborn baby. 

Whether you’re expecting and want to bond with your baby, or are thinking of a special present for a friend’s baby shower, these necklaces are gorgeous. 

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Blooming Lovely Jewellery's Bola pendants

Frankie has been keeping us updated with her blooming pregnancy style on Instagram - this recent post shows how she has definitely got that pregnancy glow! 

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