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Pregnant Katie Price’s ‘Heartbreak’ After Announcing Divorce Plans

Katie Price, who is six months pregnant, has spoken of her ‘heartbreak’ in a statement on her website, following her announcement of plans to divorce her husband, Kieran Hayler, on Twitter yesterday.

The former glamour model and businesswoman, 35, took to Twitter yesterday, Wednesday May 7th, to make the announcement after finding out that her husband Kiernan, 27, was having an affair ‘of seven months’ with her best friend of almost 20 years, Jane Pountney.

Writing on her website, the mother-of-four said, ‘I appreciate most people will have seen my tweets on the subject of my marriage to Kieran.

‘I make no apologies for them though it will be appreciated that, sending them immediately after Kieran confirmed to me what he had been doing for the last seven months, those tweets were a sign of my heart breaking. That he was doing it with a close friend of nearly 20 years is hard to understand.

‘This statement however is from my head, not my heart. I am appalled that someone I loved, trusted and believed in has behaved in this way. If he had so little respect for our relationship I would have hoped he would have thought about our child or the one that we have on the way.

‘That he did not means he will no longer be part of my life. I will do all I can to ensure he maintains a relationship with his children should he want that.’

‘I am so grateful for the love of my children and family at this time, she added.

Businessman Derrick Pountney, husband of Jane Pountney, however claimed that he has known about the ‘affair’ for four weeks himself and that the whole situation was a ‘storm in a teacup’.

'There has not been a "full blown" affair going on, it was more like a drunken kiss,’ he told the media.

Mr Pountney added: 'Jane and Katie have had a good old chat here this afternoon…Katie and Jane talked, they have been friends a long time and they are OK now.’

There have been a number of high-profile celebrity splits this year, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, who are parents to Apple, 9, and Moses, 8.
The pair ‘consciously uncoupled’ in March this year and plan to co-parent amicably for the foreseeable future.
Katie Price will no doubt have a stressful few months ahead in the lead up to the birth of her child, but here’s hoping the pair can sort out their differences, whatever the outcome.
If you're going through a similar situation, we have advice on how to cope with co-parenting after a split, as well as coping strategies for single mums. And, if you want to see how the A-list have dealt with parenting and divorce, click here.

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