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Pregnant Kimberley Walsh: ‘Cheryl Will Have A Lot Of Babysitting Duties Between Simon And Me’

Girls Aloud star and mum-to-be Kimberley Walsh opens up about her pregnancy in a new interview

Pregnant Kimberley Walsh has revealed she cried uncontrollably seeing her baby at her first scan.

The Girls Aloud star, 32, is expecting her first baby this autumn with partner Justin Scott.

The couple, who have been dating for 10 years, had a private scan at six weeks after finding out Kimberley was pregnant on New Year’s Day.

‘It was to see if there was a heartbeat present and I was overcome with emotion. I don’t know where it came from. I felt alright, then I saw the baby wriggling away and I burst into tears, crazily so,’ she tells OK! magazine.

‘It was almost more special than the 12-week scan because it was the first time it felt real, even though it didn’t really look like a baby.’

Kimberley also shares her cravings (‘I put chilli oil on everything!’) and says that the pair won’t find out the baby’s sex (‘It’s one of those amazing surprises in life you can’t buy’), and revealed just how her band mates reacted to the exciting news.

'I saw the baby wriggling away and I burst into tears'

‘I told Cheryl first as she lives nearer to me, so I popped round to see her in mid-January and she knew straight away…. She burst into tears of joy, which was no surprise as she’s so emotional, but it was a really cute reaction.’

And on her friend’s return to the X Factor judging panel with music mogul Simon Cowell, who has just become a dad, Kimberley adds, ‘Cheryl will have a lot of babysitting duties between Simon and me!’

As well as celebrating her first pregnancy, Kimberley also had another first at the weekend – a bone break. She tweeted, 'Slipped and broke my wrist – first break at 32! On a happier note thanks to the lovely nurses in A&E tonight you were all lovely.'

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