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Pregnant Natasha Hamilton Opens Up About Prenatal Depression

Atomic Kitten singer and soon-to-be-mother-of-four has opened up about her experience of prenatal depression whilst pregnant with her fourth child.

The Big Reunion star, 31, admitted that her latest pregnancy – her first child with new partner Ritchie Neville (of 5ive fame)- has come with a few challenges.

Speaking to new! Magazine, she said: ‘I've had lots of sickness, severe tiredness and raging hormones.

'I thought "Oh, number four will be doddle", but no, it's been the hardest.'

The singer admitted that she found herself suffering from her first ever panic attacks due to the 'surges of hormones and not quite knowing what to do'.

'It's really bad timing. You just have to try and focus and calm yourself down, try and get over it and learn so that next time you're more prepared,' she added.

The couple’s little one is due in September and is Ritchie’s first child. Natasha is already mum to Josh, 11, with nightclub owner Fran Cosgrave, Harry, nine, with dancer Gavin Hatcher and Alfie, three, with ex-husband Riad Erraji.
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