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Pregnant Wife Wouldn’t Model For Pregnancy Portraits – So Hilarious Husband Takes Her Place…

Professionally-shot photographs of a man modelling in classic pregnancy poses after his expecting wife refused to star in them have gone viral.

DruishPrincess69 – as he is known on Reddit, the social sharing site where he posted the photos on – went to town on the pictures (and managed to keep a straight face) in a series of hilarious poses.
The portraits, taken by Texas-based Harley K Photography, have so far amassed 3,324,435 views and counting on imgur.
He treated his captive audience to maternal shots of him cradling his rounded (beer) belly…


'Sophisticated' black-and-white shots…

Indulging in his cravings…


And even the ‘dad kissing belly’ shot...starring himself…twice. (Too far?)



Wish you'd let your partner star in your maternity shots? Let us know below.

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