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Rebecca Adlington’s pregnancy diary: Week 18

Becky and her pregnancy test!

Rebecca Adlington keeps a diary for M&B throughout her pregnancy. Read Week 18: In the first of an exclusive series, the double Olympic gold medallist gets to grips with her growing bump

I’m feeling out of control. Everything’s growing. And every day something is different. I’ve spent 15 years of my life knowing exactly what’s going on in my body. That’s how I achieved what I did, by controlling my body. That was the difference between winning a medal and not. But now I’m having to listen to my body and do what it needs. It’s hard to adapt. Honestly? It’s overwhelming.

I’ve never experienced anything like how exhausted I felt when I was first pregnant

I’ve never experienced anything like how exhausted I felt when I was first pregnant. As an athlete I was constantly tired, getting up at 5.30am every day to train and pushing myself to the limit. But this was something else. If I didn’t sit down I would pass out. I was having to go for a nap and I’d only just got up four hours before.

Now I’m in my second trimester, my body’s changing and I’m not in control. Right now, my hair feels horrible and I’ve got a spot. And my hormones are so up and down, I just watched a John Lewis advert and cried. My husband Harry said, ‘What are you doing?’ And then I Google to find out if I’m meant to be feeling like this and get a million answers. It’s daunting. 

It happened overnight – I woke up and I looked pregnant

My bump only really popped out two weeks ago. It happened overnight – I woke up and I looked pregnant. It was like, ‘Hello, I’m here!’ Harry has an app that I put my weight into every week. I’d put on six pounds! Suddenly, everyone is noticing my bump and I like that, though no one would give up their seat for me on the bus yet. 

I haven’t got any stretchmarks but I don’t think I’ll be massively bothered if I do. When you exercise as much as I did from an early age, your body develops early. I’m used to seeing athlete friends with stretchmarks from lifting weights. I’ll add them to the cellulite on my legs!

Normally I’m a three-meal girl with no snacks in between but I’ve just eaten and I’m hungry again. I’ve always had to be very conscious of my weight and I never used to eat carbs. But now I’m eating what the baby needs to grow.

It’s been an adjustment having fallen pregnant so quickly on our honeymoon

It’s hard getting on the scales. Between going into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here in 2013 and my wedding at the end of August last year, I’d lost a good two and a half stone. I liked feeling confident and comfortable in my skin, as it’s not something I’ve felt for a lot of my life. So it’s been an adjustment having fallen pregnant so quickly on our honeymoon. 

I’ve struggled with putting on a little bit of weight – even though I know it’s good weight. I do feel a bit sad that I can’t fit into my favourite clothes any more. My boobs have gone up three sizes already. Harry’s loving that part of the pregnancy! But how much bigger are they going to get?

Having to eat something when my body wants to, and sit down when I have to, is all a bit bizarre. I’m not really sure how I’ll cope when I get much bigger than this. I don’t come from a petite family and my mum is voluptuous, so I expect I’ll go that way too. But it’s not about me any more – I’m going to have a baby!

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