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Rebecca Adlington’s pregnancy diary: Week 36

Rebecca Adlington keeps a diary for M&B throughout her pregnancy. Read Week 36: The double Olympic gold medallist has two baby showers and starts her maternity leave

I’m officially on maternity leave now. It’s been really nice to sleep in, catch up on some telly and take the dogs for lots of walks, or should I say waddles. I’m massive now – I measure 47 inches around my bump – so I have to stop to just breathe every two minutes. But I’m less cranky now I’ve got the time to rest. And I know it sounds stupid, but I’ve been so busy working that I’ve not really been focused on the baby. Now she’s suddenly the centre of attention and it’s great.

I’m less cranky now I’ve got the time to rest

My friends are so spread out across the country, so I had to have two baby showers. We had one at my mum and dad’s house with a load of homemade sandwiches and cakes, then another in London with afternoon tea at an amazing bakery. 

We got loads of lovely presents. Friends who haven’t got kids yet bought us cute dresses. But people who are already mums got us really practical stuff. My sister said, ‘I know it’s boring, but you’ll need these’ and gave me breast pads and baby nail clippers! We hadn’t done a lot of shopping for the baby because, every time I tried, all the sizes just threw me. Tiny baby, early baby, newborn baby – which am I going to need? I have no clue! So getting all that stuff given to us was great.

Tiny baby, early baby, newborn baby – which am I going to need? I have no clue!

I loved sorting all the baby’s bits out. I washed everything, even though it was brand new, to make sure it’s all soft and won’t irritate her skin. Everything was so teeny-weeny, I wasn’t sure if I could put it in the tumble dryer. It’s all put away in the nursery now. Harry and I went on a mission with my mum and dad last weekend to get that all organised, putting up the cot and the wardrobe. I wanted to help, but my mum was like, ‘Put that down! Will you just go and put your feet up!’ and I was like, ‘It’s only a pillow!’ I get that I’m nine months pregnant and can’t go and run a marathon, but I can still help!

I feel so much better, so much calmer, now everything’s sorted. All I’ve got left to do is clear out a kitchen cupboard for all the baby stuff and put the steriliser out. 

I just can’t wait to meet her now, I’m so excited. The midwife said last week that the baby’s head is down and her feet are up. And the hospital bag’s all packed – I just seem to be adding more and more snacks to it! 

I feel sorry for him, not feeling every kick and having that connection in the same way

It’s been good to have time to spend with Harry too. I do think it’s hard for him at this point. We girls are the ones who have to cope with being pregnant and giving birth, but we have a bond with the baby that the guys don’t get. So I feel I’ve got the best end of the deal. He sympathises with me for being so massive, but I feel sorry for him, not feeling every kick and having that connection in the same way. 

Last night we were lying on the sofa and Harry was like, ‘Babe, isn’t it weird we’re never going to do this again, just the two of us?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it is!’ Bit late to worry about that now! He said, ‘I love just us.’ But I know we’ll love having the baby too.

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