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Sam Bailey: 'My New Baby Was Conceived On New Year’s Eve' TMI, Anyone?

In a world of over-sharing pictures of your toddler potty training on Instagram or graphic birth story statuses on Facebook, pregnant Sam Bailey has gone one step further and revealed her new baby was conceived on New Year’s Eve.

Do you even know when you conceived your baby? And if you did, would you share it with the world?

It seems that X Factor winner Sam Bailey has no qualms about being so open. Talking to the Daily Star on Sunday, Sam said, ‘It was New Year’s Eve before I went out to perform at G-A-Y club.

‘We were staying in a hotel around the corner and I said, “Come on we have five minutes, let’s go!” We’ve been married for 10 years so there is no romance anymore.’

The 36 year-old singer who’s already mum to Brooke, eight, and Tommy, five, with hubby Craig continued, ‘I have to kind of fit it into my schedule these days. We didn’t have sex for months when I was on the X Factor. The other half is into it much more than I am. I would prefer to watch Eastenders!’

Sam Bailey has been pretty open about her pregnancy, revealing that she took her pregnancy test in a toilet in Asda. And already choosing her unborn baby's godmother.

The singer said, ‘I went in and did it while he was getting all the food. I came out and went “Yep – I’m pregnant!” It wasn’t planned.’

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Would you share the details of how you conceived or is it TMI? Let us know in the comment box below.

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