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Sam Bailey Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Cravings

The X Factor winner has revealed the frozen food she’s been craving during pregnancy…

Sam Bailey announced she’s pregnant a few weeks ago and has since appeared to enjoy a normal pregnancy – complete with cravings.

When asked in an interview with OK! Online how she was feeing, the singer responded, ‘Lethargic, hungry, even though I’ve just had a McDonalds, I’ve got a craving for raspberries and strawberry split lollies. I am very excited about eating them when I get home.’

It would seem that strawberry splits aren’t the only ice lolly Sam’s been craving - the singer admitted on Daybreak that she can’t get enough of Twisters. So no guesses as to what Sam’s family freezer is stocked full of!

Sam Bailey appears to be enjoying a normal pregnancy – complete with cravings

Of course Sam’s not the only celebrity to talk openly about the foods she’s been hankering after while pregnant. Many famous mums have revealed just what they craved while pregnant – and not all of the foods are as delectable as ice lollies!

Sam has also recently announced her choice of godmother for her baby. The star revealed that she would love her X Factor mentor Sharon Osbourne to take on the role, saying, 'She's the one who accepted me at the beginning, supported me the whole way through.'

Sam's baby isn't thought to be due until later in the year so we'll have to wait to see how Sharon fares as a godmother. Until then, we'll keep you updated on Sam's pregnancy journey – cravings and all.

Did you crave anything unusual while pregnant? Let us know in the comments box below.

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