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Sam Bailey Reveals She’s Chosen A Name For Her Baby

The X Factor 2013 winner is half way through her pregnancy and knows what she’ll call her daughter when she arrives

After all of the weird and wonderful baby names that celeb parents have given their children, we are intrigued to see what pregnant Sam Bailey will name her baby once she’s born later this year.

But while Sam’s daughter’s name may remain a mystery to all of us, the singer reveals that she already knows what it will be.

In a video interview with OK Magazine, Sam assured fans that her daughter won’t be named after any of The X Factor judges, saying, ‘We’ve already chosen a name and the name will be when the baby’s born. The name’s been chosen since I found out I was pregnant.’

The mum-of-two admitted that her son was ‘absolutely wounded’ when he found out that the baby was a girl but ‘we told him we’re going to put her in boys clothes and call Bob,’ Sam joked.

The singer also shared some of her pregnancy cravings, saying that she is addicted to chips coated in vinegar and Nobbly Bobbly ice creams at the moment, and opened up about how her pregnancy is going.

‘I’m not doing anything different – I think this pregnancy is the only one where I’ve actually not gained a lot of weight because I did quite a lot on my last one,’ said Sam. ‘I’m not doing anything different I think it’s just because I’m running around like a lunatic doing normal mummy things.’

If you’re struggling to decide on a name for your baby, try out our baby name generator to get some ideas.

How soon did you decide what to name your baby? Let us know in the comments box below.


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