Mother and Baby

Tamara Beckwith Shares Surprise Pregnancy News

Socialite Tamara Beckwith, 44, is pregnant with her third child – 27 years after she gave birth to her firstborn Anouska.

Tamara shared the happy news in a recent interview with Hello! Magazine and spoke of her surprise at being pregnant, after two miscarraiges.
'When you’ve been lucky to have two gorgeous girls, I think you should just be grateful. I would never have had IVF, so I thought that was that.

'I am quite matter-of-fact about those things; what will be, will be.

'I had my eggs looked at and the doctor told me if I really wanted to have a baby I needed to do it properly.

‘But I’m just not one of those girls who could get it together with a chart and an ovulation stick.'

Beckwith, who owns the Little Black Gallery in Chelsea, also has a five-year-old daughter Violet, with her 42-year-old husband Giorgio Vironi.

Did you get pregnant by surprise after thinking that you couldn’t become a mother again? Let us know below.

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