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TOWIE's Billie Faiers Is Preparing For A Hypnobirth

The 24-year-old is busy visualising a pain-free birth as we type!

When it comes to becoming a mum, the only way is hypnobirthing for Billie Faiers.

She's pregnant with her first child, with fiance Greg Shepherd, and friend Ferne McCann has revealed she's been attending hypnotherapy classes with the view to use hypnobirth techniques when the big day arrives.

Ferne and Billie are co-stars on The Only Way Is Essex and it's clear that Billie has been sharing her birth plans with other members of the cast, as Ferne shared the news in her Reveal magazine column: 'I think she's going for a hypnotherapy birth and has been trying out hypnotherapy classes.'

Billie was spotted attending her own baby shower this week in a hot pink dress and looked happy and relaxed about her impending labour - perhaps the hypno classes are working a treat already?

Hypnobirthing involves learning relaxation techniques before the birth to then utilise during labour in order to ease the birthing process. The self-hypnosis includes deep breathing, calming phrases and visualisation to help mums get into a calm mindset.

It's a popular option with women who are expecting their first child and feel apprehensive about labour.

Read a little more about the process of hypnobirthing and how to ease your fears about giving birth.

Plus, remember to let us know whether you're planning a hypnobirth in the comment section below.


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