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Why Is Holly Willoughby Not Going To Find Out Her Baby’s Sex?

When it comes to baby number three, the pregnant TV presenter doesn’t mind whether she has a boy or a girl – and isn’t going to find out until the birth

She’s expecting her third baby in September, and as mum to one boy and one girl, Holly Willoughby has decided she’s going to wait until the birth to find out the sex of her third baby.

‘I really have no idea ,’ says Holly. ‘It's weird with your third. Having had one of each and both pregnancies having been pretty much the same, hand on heart, I really don't mind if I have a boy or girl. I'm lucky to have one of each, anyway. They're both wonderful. What will be will be.’

The 33-year-old This Morning presenter found out the sex of her second baby, Belle, now three, but is happy to leave this third pregnancy as a surprise, like she did with her first baby, Harry, five.

Holly is due to give birth at the end of the summer but will have a six-week break from This Morning to spend time with her family.

‘I always have a big chunk of time off over the summer, which I guard with my life,’ said Holly.

‘We'll always go away somewhere for a bit but it's mainly about being at home with the kids, doing nothing and being a mum – I love it!’

It’s thought fellow parents Rochelle and Marvin Humes will cover Holly and Phillip while they’re away, but once Holly is on full maternity leave, her place will be filled by Christine Bleakley.

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