Mother and Baby

X Factor Winner Sam Bailey Expecting A Girl

Congratulations are in order for singer Sam Bailey and her hubby Craig who have announced the happy news that they are expecting a little girl.

The delighted mum-to-be, who won the nation over by winning the X Factor in 2013, shared her excitement on Twitter, writing, ‘Me and Craig are proud to announce we are having a little girl...’

She then shared a snap of her little boy Tom who, like many big brothers, didn’t look quite so pleased about the news…

The caption read, ‘Tommy not so pleased that he is having a baby sister!!! Lol’

The 36-year-old singer, who’s already mum to Brooke, eight, and Tommy, five, has spoken about how her latest pregnancy was a complete surprise and how she found out she was expecting whilst out shopping in Asda.

The former prison guard told The Sun, ‘I went in and did it while he was getting all the food…I came out and went “Yep – I’m pregnant!” It wasn’t planned.’

The baby is due in October and none other than Sharon Osbourne will be Godmother. Explaining her choice in an interview, Sam said, ‘She's the one who accepted me at the beginning, supported me the whole way through – I wouldn't be where I am now if it hadn't been for her decision to keep me. She has a lot to answer for.’

The happy news may have interrupted the singer's plans for her first solo tour since winning the X Factor, but fans don't need to wait too long with the tour dates now planned for early 2015.


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