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Proof That Prince George Is The Nation's Little Flower

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Little George has bagged an honour that even his much-loved mum hasn't been awarded.

Spring has sprung, and there's a new Royal flower to be added to the mix.

Prince William and Kate's son might only be nine months old but he's already won the hearts of people all over the world and they're using their flowerbeds to pay tribute.

Later this month, an exhibitor at the Chelsea Flower Show will unveil a new daffodil named after gorgeous George.

Johnny Walkers, a grower for Taylors Bulbs and Chelsea gold medal winner, told the Daily Mail: 'The daffodil we are naming Georgie Boy in his honour is a sturdy variety, and we hope it will be around for many years.

'You can’t fail to be impressed by Prince George — he looks such a lovely, healthy boy and he has charmed everyone.'

You won't find any disagreement from the Mother & Baby office on that point.

'The daffodil we are naming Georgie Boy in his honour is a sturdy variety.'

Johnny confirmed that for each £10 of bulbs sold, £2.50 will be donated to London's Royal Marsden cancer hospital.

'We had daffodils on the royal barge for the Queen’s Jubilee, then daffodils for a garden party at Buckingham Palace', he added. 'Now with Prince George it’s a royal hat-trick of daffodils.'

Will you be investing in some lovely yellow Georgie Boys to brighten up your garden this summer?


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