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Rihanna Shows Off Potential Maternal Side

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The star more famed for risqué performances and outfits showed a more gentle side when she posed with her baby niece

She might not strike you immediately as the motherly sort, but Barbadian singer Rihanna showed off a previously unseen side this afternoon when she posed in photos with her baby niece.

‘I can’t get enough, I’m so in love,’ the singer tweeted, while the little tot and daughter of her cousin, Noella Alstron, slept in her arms. ‘My auntie rule$. My everything.’

It’s easy to see why the singer is so besotted when the little one is this cute.  Let’s hope she can provide the sort of aunt guidance she spoke of and doesn’t teach the little one too many of her tricks. Failing that, she can always do a Katy Perry and shower her with bling and Chanel handbags.


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