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Royal baby alert! Prince William, Kate Middleton And Prince George Moving To London

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It’s been two years in the making, but it appears that Kensington Palace is finally ready to welcome it’s latest residents – Wills, Kate and baby George

If you’re a Londoner and a royal family fan, this news may just make your day.  You may soon spot Kate Middleton shopping on the Kings Road again, as the Duchess and her family are reportedly finally making their way back to London, to settle into their new home in Kensington Palace.

A Kensington Palace spokesman told the Daily Express, ‘It’ll be soon certainly. I can’t say exactly when – builders are builders.’
But as Prince George’s christening is happening this month, it makes sense that the trio would want to be settled in their new home beforehand.

Since baby George’s birth in July, the new family has stayed with Kate’s parents in Buckinghamshire and most recently at Balmoral with Her Maj, Prince Philip, Charles and Camilla. But, as the £1.5 million renovations at Kensington Palace are near completion, the young family will be able to make a home of their own in their 1A apartment at the royal residence.

And considering it’s a 20-room and four-storey royal palace and Kate is obviously quite creative (if her history of art degree is anything to judge by) we hazard a guess that it will be a spectacular home.

If you’re not already envious enough, we’ve heard that the apartment boasts five reception rooms, three main bedrooms, a night and day nursery for little George, staff bedrooms, dressing rooms and much more. Just a little house for three then…

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