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Sam and Billie Faiers talk motherhood, diets and The Mummy Diaries!

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We caught up with Sam and Billie Faiers to discuss post baby body pressures, the most shocking thing about being a mum and what we can expect from the third season of The Mummy Diaries.

Sam admits she felt the pressure to get back into shape after her daughter Rosie was born, but insists it Really. Doesn't. Matter. in the grand scheme of things.

She told us, 'I don’t feel 100% bikini body ready but then again I don’t care because I am gonna be with my family and I just want to relax!”

 The Mummy Diaries co-stars, Sam and Billie Faiers say that having to two children is a 'different ball game, and there is a lot of pressure'

We quizzed them on the things that shocked them the most about becoming a mum, their childhood and they gave us a sneaky peek about what’s coming up on The Mummy Diaries.

Watch the full interview with Sam and Billie Faiers below:



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