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Sam Faiers talks Christmas jumpers, family traditions and what she's buying Paul and Rosie

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After celebrating her daughter Rosie's 1st birthday (with a lavish party in a grand, stately home, naturally!), mum-of-two Sam Faiers simply doesn't do half-measures when it comes to parenting. 

From her fly-on-the-wall hit show Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries to running a successful business, all whilst being a doting mum to Paul, 2 and Rosie,1- it's fair to say the ex-TOWIE star has her hands full. Something we can all relate to, hey mums? 

We caught up with Sam to chat all things Christmas; from traditions to turkey to the gorgeous jumpers she's designed for the NSPCC... 

Hi Sam! So, when do you start your Christmas shopping?

Do you know what I have already started, but it's because I'm actually going away to the Maldives this Christmas! It’s the first time I have ever been away in the sunshine and we are going away for almost three weeks. I’m getting all my Christmas stuff done early, so I can just concentrate on packing for the holiday.

We’ve got three celebrations because it’s Paul's mum Dana's 60th and also little Paul’s birthday and it’s my birthday on New Year’s Eve, so we have got three birthdays as well as Christmas and Boxing Day so yeah it’s quite a big one for all of us!

Sounds like a massive celebration! Do you have any Christmas traditions you do with the kids to get them excited for the big day?

Kind of! Do you know like I’m really looking forward to the future when they are a little bit bigger because I still feel like they are a little bit young.

Little Paul definitely does understand a little bit about Santa Claus and Christmas, but this year we’re taking I’m taking them both to... Lapland? Well, there is a Lapland in London which it looks amazing and I’m taking the kids to that. Hopefully, that will really like get Little Paul into the vibe!

With us being away at Christmas, it’s like it’s going to be a bit confusing cause we are going to be on a beach. I love Christmas it’s my favourite time of year! Me and my sister has always been brought up on family Christmas traditions like decorating the tree, carols and on Christmas Eve we always have a buffet. It's definitely like my favourite time of year. I feel like it’s a happy, nice family time. 



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You've said you’re not going to bring much out with you to the Maldives but are there any presents you have your eye on for Paul or Rosie?

Well no, it’s hard really because like me and Big Paul always say, they do get what they want as we are in a fortunate position where any brand will send me little gifts and presents for them. 

I’m working with the NSPCC and I already said this year. whatever we were going to spend on their Christmas presents we are going to donate to charity instead, especially where we are going on holiday. I’m going to take a few little wrap-ups, but it’s not really necessary. We’re going to have a wonderful time on holiday instead!

What are your Christmas day plans? Are you still going to cook a turkey in the Maldives? 

I don’t know what happens, I feel like they must have a turkey! If not, we will definitely have a BBQ on the beach, that would be lovely! I know they decorate their main rooms Christmassy and I know they definitely have a Christmas tree. 

Tell us about the jumpers you've designed for the NSPCC

I have designed two styles and they are basically exactly the same, but one is in grey and one is in black. It’s a really soft, lovely sweater, which is slightly oversized and it’s something that I want everyone to get involved with and buy, as 100% of the money goes to charity. Which is a big massive thing for me, especially because I feel like a lot of charities don’t give 100% of the profits to charity and you can’t go wrong because it’s a basic sweater that will go with everything!

What do you normally wear on Christmas day? Are you more of a pjs or a sparkly dress kinda girl?

Well, growing up me and Billie (Faiers) would always put on a sparkly dress and my mum would always get us a Christmas outfit so we would open them in the morning and that would be our Christmas Day outfit, so sparkly dress! When I was younger I used to love glitter tights so I used to wear them with a little dress, but for the last two years since I had the babies I’ve got dressed smart-ish for dinner. but straight away pealed it off and put on like  Christmas pyjamas. Now I have kids I’m all about being cosy. 

Finally, what's on your Christmas list this year?

Nothing! Do you know what Paul has been asking me this and with my birthday so close to Christmas I actually don’t really want anything for Christmas this year. We are away and I can’t even think of what I want, but like for my birthday I defiantly want something... have said to Paul I would like a pair of earrings, so we shall see!

Check out Sam Faiers' gorgeous Christmas jumpers for the NSPCC, here

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