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She’s At It Again! Katie Hopkins Slams Peaches Geldof And Attachment Parenting For The Second Time This Week

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Following a heated debate on television earlier this week Katie Hopkins has lashed out at Peaches Geldof’s parenting choices - in a column in a national paper

If you haven’t yet watched the This Morning slot where Katie Hopkins and Peaches Geldof argued parenting methods, check out the debate here. And the drama has continued today with Katie putting Peaches down in print.

The social commentator, 38, (and mum of three, let’s not forget) dedicated her column in the Sun newspaper today to further berating Peaches, 24, about her decision to follow the attachment parenting (AP) method.

‘Some viewers felt Peaches got an easy ride. She did.’

Starting her column ‘This week I had the pleasure of sharing a TV sofa with Peaches Geldof…,’ Katie then continues to brand Peaches as ‘one of the nutty new breed of parents who believes in attachment parenting.’

But it gets worse. Referring to parents who opt for AP, Katie says, ‘They live life according to the three Bs – baby-wearing, breastfeeding and bed-sharing. I have a B to describe all that but it’s too rude to print.’ Ouch.

‘These right-on mothers put their baby in charges, breastfeed right up until the children are big enough to own their own homes and never put their baby down – not even in a stroller,’ Katie writes. ‘They are the ones you see with their baby Sellotaped to them everywhere they go.’ 

Katie continues filling her column with Peaches (not so squeaky clean) past, calling herself a ‘regular mum’ and writes that she thinks Bob Geldof’s daughter does ‘judge others as less worthy of having a child.’

And speaking about the debate, Katie says, ‘Some viewers felt Peaches got an easy ride. She did.’

Cripes, we wouldn’t want to be Peaches today, but can’t help wondering if the mum of two will have a comeback up her sleeve…

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