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‘She’s Pretty Relaxed And Happy’: Zara Phillips And Mike Tindall Open Up About Their Baby Girl Mia

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The couple share details of Zara’s labour and life with baby girl Mia in a new interview – as well as their plans for more children…

The high of a new baby is far better than winning on the rugby pitch, according to new dad Mike Tindall.

The rugby star, 35, and wife Zara, 32, have opened up about their daughter Mia in an interview and photoshoot with Hello!, sharing details of Zara’s labour and parenthood so far.

‘Her birth was the best day of my life so far,’ reveals the new dad. ‘Winning is a pretty good feeling for a short period of time. The baby is a great feeling and it just goes on…’

Professional horse rider Zara, who is the Queen’s granddaughter, explains that Mia was three days overdue when born on 17 January and weighed 7lb 12oz, adding that her daughter’s birth was ‘quick enough for a first baby, but when you’re dealing with contractions it feels like a long time’.

She also made it clear that, despite some assuming the couple would have private care, they’d never contemplated it and found the ‘nurses were outstanding’ and the care ‘superb’ at the new maternity unit in their local NHS hospital, the Gloucestershire Royal.

Admitting Mia’s ‘pretty relaxed and happy so far’, Zara credits her husband as a very hands-on dad, saying, ‘He gets up to her in the night when he doesn’t have to be up at 6am for training the next day'.

And while the couple aren’t really thinking about baby number two quite yet a la Simon Cowell, Zara admits the couple would like to have two children.

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