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Sheree Murphy talks to M&B: "I couldn't wait to start weaning my babies"

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Former Emmerdale favourite, wife to footballer Harry Kewell, and mum to four children Sheree Murphy talks to M&B about weaning, her pregnancies, and life as a mum. 

Tell us about your children.

My son Taylor is now 14 and such a lovely polite and caring boy. I don't know how he puts up with his sisters sometimes! He loves school and would love to be an actor. 

Ruby is 12 years old. She is the best big sister to her two younger sisters. She is such a funny girl and makes me laugh all the time. Ruby is so helpful around the house and is like a little mum to Matilda and Dolly!

Matilda is 7 and in a world of her own! She loves singing dancing and doing cartwheels! I think she'll definitely be a performer when she's older. 

Dolly is 3 and has the whole family wrapped round her little finger! All my children are really close... They argue but are completely lost without each other... 

What were your four pregnancies like?

I was sick with all four pregnancies. I might have been sick in the morning with one... In the afternoon with one or just feeling sick all day with another!

I really didn't enjoy the first few months of my pregnancies but once I got over the sickness I really embraced it... I loved having a bump and that feeling of the baby moving around inside you. It's strange but great! 

How did you find weaning your children?

I couldn't wait to start weaning my babies… It's such an exciting time but it also can be testing. When I weaned Taylor the guideline was 4 months but that then changed to 6 months... I would make simple purée to start off with then eventually I would blend up whatever we were eating.

All four of my kids were a little fussy (Matilda still is) it's quite amazing how quickly they start to know their own taste buds and refuse foods they don't like. That's when feeding can become testing but don’t worry if what you give them ends up on the floor – this is a learning curve for you both.

What was the best piece of advice you were given about weaning?

When my babies were being fussy and not eating certain things I would give in to things they would like. However, my mum would say once they are older I will end up making 4 separate dinners and it would become a nightmare...

There are things now the kids don't really like to eat (Matilda doesn't like peas, Taylor hates mushrooms) but I do make one meal for all and just leave off the things they don't like, however if the peas and mushrooms get left off the plate they'll get extra carrots! It’s important to remember weaning is an exciting time for you and your baby.   

What’s your favourite part about being a mum?

I've always wanted to be a mum and I feel so lucky to have 4 great kids. They are great company and make me proud every day. It's a real challenge sometimes and I feel I'm still learning everyday but I wouldn't change it for the world! 

And, dare we ask, your least favourite?

I remember when I first had Taylor, doing the night feeds and the lack of sleep was so hard... Emotionally you're all over the place. However hard it was it couldn't have been that bad as I did it all over again… 3 times! 

Tell us about the type of dad Harry is.

I'm really lucky as Harry is a real hands-on dad. Right from the start he's changed nappies and got up in the night to help with feeds. We are like a tag team... One will do homework and the other will make the dinner or do bath time... When he is away working I find it so hard juggling everything on my own. 

As your children get older, what do they think to seeing Mum on the telly?

The kids love seeing us both on the telly... When I did Neighbours last year they loved it... Although when it comes to me kissing someone they are not so keen! 

Sheree Murphy is working with SMA Nutrition on a ‘Come & Wean with Us’ campaign which aims to help new and first time mums through weaning.

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