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Simon Cowell Reveals Surprising Wish For Baby Eric

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Simon Cowell is one of the most powerful businessmen on the planet, but for the wealthy media mogul, there’s one thing that he wants baby Eric to have when he grows up that money can’t buy – a British accent!

Speaking with Now magazine, Simon, 54, said, ‘I definitely would like my child to speak with a British accent.

‘Maybe because I'm British!

‘I haven't really thought about it but it'd be quite odd, me being a Brit, and having a child that spoke with an American accent.’
Simon Cowell splits his time between London, LA and New, where his partner Lauren Silverman, 36, is based. But, judging on his latest comment, it looks like the family will be spending a lot more time in Blighty!
Is having the right accent important to you and your kids? Let us know below.

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