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Sinitta Reveals What Simon Cowell Is Like As A Dad – And Says He’s Broody Again

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Simon’s ex and close friend Sinitta has revealed all about his parenting skills and spilled the beans on baby Eric

It sounds like Eric Cowell is going to quite a little looker when he grows up. According to Simon’s close friend Sinitta, the baby ‘has blue eyes, dark hair’ and is ‘amazing’.
During an interview on This Morning, the singer revealed a whole different side to Simon – who famously claimed pre-parenthood, that being a dad wouldn’t change him. ‘Simon is very tender , he’s fascinated,’ says Sinitta. ‘He literally holds him and stares at him and sticks his tongue out and Eric will imitate him back. I’m fascinated watching him with Eric.’

'He is still naughty and crazy, but he’s just very open, very tender' 

But don’t panic, the Simon we all know and love hasn’t gone forever. ‘I won’t say he’s mellowed,’ says Sinitta. ‘Because he is still naughty and crazy, but he’s just very open, very tender. I’d always known that side of Simon anyway, but everybody else is getting to see that now.
‘He’ll say soppy things and then apologise and say, “that was a bit soppy” and then go “oh, who cares.” It’s really sweet.’
And, according to Sinitta, Simon’s already ready for baby number two. ‘Lauren said she wants two more children – wants a little girl next so we shall see. It’s nice to have two.’
We’ll await the pregnancy news then, eh Simon?
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